The Ewey-Gooey Side of Human Simulation

Monday, August 24, 2009
OK, a bit more on the serious side. I found a great blog that you all might be interested in. It's called 3-D perspectives, and offers a wide range of simulation information. I have included it on the information bar to your right, and I've hyper-linked you directly to the source. They have links for simulations from brains to bed sores, but you do have to hunt for them a bit. There is a lot of information there, but navigating it does take some work, I'll try to simplify some of it down the road.


Kate said...

Hi Allen, many thanks for the links! If there are any particular simulation topics you'd be interested to hear about, let us know . . . lots of fun content we can explore together. Also, if you like I can create an RSS feed for realistic simulation to facilitate integration. Best, Kate

Allen said...

Hi Kate, YES... let's get the RSS feeds going. I'm working on it and trying to get things moving. Can we link up in diigo or something?