Collab Video?

Saturday, July 25, 2009
OK, so here's the deal. I've been watching collab videos on youtube lately. Alas! What's a collab video? you ask. Well... it's a video, that's built in collaboration. Typically what happens is a song and a theme is selected, then many people make a music video based around the same theme using the same song... THEN they all send their home made music videos to one individual who then compiles them into a single collaborative video (thus the term "collab video").

SO... A Collab Video, YES! I want to do a collab video... with YOU! Here's the premise, the official participation guidelines will be posted on my blog and youtube within the next two weeks, but if you want to get those creative juices pumping here are some things to get you started.

THEME: Simulation (of course!). This can be any kind of simulation related to health care education. You can use yourselves and/or any students (that choose to volunteer). Perhaps you have students that want to do it as a class project, perhaps your simulation staff want to do it, or perhaps you just want to do it yourself. You can use any props, make-up, landscapes you so desire, and you can get as creative as you so desire.

SONG: Poker Face (Lady Gaga). Here, watch her music video... it might give you and your simulators some dance steps, make-up tips, and costume ideas.


First of all, this is my personal blog, I am not affiliated with any group. This collab video is being done as something fun, to let you (and me) share some of our creativity in simulation!

The collab video, when compiled will be appropriate for all audiences, but your creativity is highly encouraged.

If you choose to participate, small video clips of whatever you send me may end up in the collab video. The collab video will be going on my public blog and youtube. That means the whole wide world will be able to see it.

All participants in the collab video will have the opportunity to have their names included in the participants list.

I'm not going to make this any longer than it already is... so keep watching my blog for more information on the details as to how to send me your digital POKER FACE music video files!