The Ten Commandments

Friday, July 10, 2009

A colleague of mine shared the Ten commandments with me as prescribed by Issenberg, S.B, and Scalese R.J. (2008). If you would like them in more detail, the reference is included below.

Best Practices in high-fidelity simulation

1. Feedback.

2. Repetitive practice.

3. Range of difficulty level.

4. Multiple Learning strategies.

5. Clinical variation.

6. Controlled environment.

7. Individualized learning.

8. Defined outcomes/benchmarks.

9. Simulator validity/realism.

10. Curricular integration.

Issenberg, S.B, and Scalese R.J. (2008). Simulation in health care education. Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, 51 (1). Pg 35. Report from Best Evidence Medical Education (BEME) Collaboration.